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The Future of SEO

SEO is in a constant state of flux. It has grown from the tricks of the early 2000s into a much more mature, content-driven concern. And it will continue to evolve as Google and other search companies develop and enhance the technology to help people find the best solutions for their online queries.

SEO is no longer about tweaking keywords and getting backlinks.13 Google expects you to be a content machine. They want you to demonstrate your expertise and authority by investing in high-quality content that your ideal customers want to consume. They also want to see your content being engaged and shared via social media. This is why, to rank well on Google, you need to be creating and distributing a variety of content all the time.

Fresh, original, and relevant content is the best form of value that you can deliver to your search users. What your potential customers want most is a reason to choose you over other companies. They want to see strong organic rankings backed by quality website content, active social media communities, and positive customer reviews in order to confidently make you their choice.

Content is not only king, it’s the most important of all Google ranking factors. Over the last few years, Google has made this abundantly clear with the purpose and focus of its algorithm updates. It wants SEO to be a natural process of content creation and delivery.

Google is taking a holistic view of the Internet and how people use it to make decisions. Features like transparency, honesty, integrity, and entertainment will become more important — and the time of “SEO experts” will pass. Content marketing experts are already taking their place.

The future of SEO, friends, is not about tricks and tweaks; it’s about creating great content on a regular basis. Quality and user engagement will be the hallmarks of sites that rank well in the future. If you can adopt these principles now, you will be in a prime position to win big as Google continues on this path.

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